About Our Traffic


My name is John Sherack and I am the owner/webmaster of this site Affiliate Website Biz. I have been doing website design, promotion and marketing since May 2000. I now own a website traffic business through a licensed brokerage entity where I can offer the same type of real traffic that could cost you thousands of dollars elsewhere!

You can choose from 100’s of keyword traffic I have below as well as pick the GEO location from around the world where you want the traffic to come from. I am not an affiliate but am a partner in a business where I have a large database of traffic that I tailor to your traffic needs. 
Where Are Traffic Comes From 

Our network owns and operates many well-known internet websites. Our current portfolio consist of over 8500 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 9700 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic). Our network currently consists of 60% pop-under traffic, 30% interstitial traffic and 10% expired domain traffic. This is not a traffic exchange site like Klixion, etc. or sites that offer anyone an incentive to visit your site. The targeted traffic are visiting your site because you have added your site in a category they are interested in. I have millions of real targeted visitors in my database that is updated every day. I have several sites that I sell website traffic packages on, but this is the only one that offers Premium Traffic. All traffic packages on all of my sites are real targeted with all the same as above and basically the same that the major search engines sell with the exception of the much lower costs I sell them for. I can do this for a few reasons because I own my business, I sell mass quantities and I’m not greedy! Now I’ll explain the difference between the exception of Premium Traffic offered on this site below.

Premium Traffic 
As I mentioned all sources are the same as listed above and with all of targeted traffic plans everyone receives a Google Analytics link to track their click troughs whether Premium or not. Nearly 90% of the traffic out their is either fake or computer generated and Google will not track these visitors so this is why I supply the link as well. No one is forced of influenced to click to your site but are all sorted out into categories because they are all real people who want to receive offers based on the category they select. The entire database is also updated every day with thousands of more interested individuals added constantly. 
With all the Premium Targeted GEO location traffic packages on this website your business is placed at the top 10% of millions of advertisers and given the highest priority. This traffic is equivalent and most likely from the same exact source that the major search engines are getting it from but the difference is that I charge hundreds to thousands of dollars less! Trust me I didn’t stay in business this long because I am a dishonest person! I also have standard website traffic on Ebay with a 100% feedback rating which is not premium but works great as well. But with the cost being a little higher for the Premium Traffic offered here the little extra cost is well worth it because as I mentioned it’s basically the same that the major search engines are selling. I also guarantee that you’ll receive the clicks to your site that you paid for or I’ll refund your money! Plus you are backed up by PayPals buyer protection policy. I ‘m also a verified PayPal business account. As with any traffic program I can send you the highest quality targeted traffic but as anywhere else I can not guarantee sales. No one that sells traffic on the internet can. If you find a site like that, let me know and I’ll buy traffic from them too!
Avoid all those companies out there offering you something like 1 million visitors to your site for a ridiculous price such as $9.95. It’s either fake traffic or for impressions. The difference with an impression is that your site is simply posted on another site and doesn’t have to be clicked (no visitor) where I offer the actual clicks (you get visitors) to your site with Google Analytics tracking link.