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 Available by 1/15/17
Grow your business further Through Email Marketing!
Here is whats included with this listing below:
You will receive real targeted emails that you pick from the list below in this listing that best represents your business. Unlike other email campaigns keep in mind these are email clients that are targeted visitors that match your business from the category you select. Shop elsewhere like I did and find out that you can receive tens of thousands of emails to your business that most likely have nothing to do with your business or worse they are fake computer generated emails! I do not have an Ebay Store with a 100% feedback rating because I rip people off, plus I’m always here to answer questions whether they purchase anything or not! Keep in mind that no one can offer you with any type of guaranteed sales through marketing but at least with real contacts you stand a better chance than 90% of the fake traffic sold on the internet! Everything I sell I use for my own business and check all advertising before I sell it. Targeted email can be very effective especially when the lists we have are real visitors updated daily who want to see what you have to offer in the category you select. The stats of your campaign will also show click through rates of your email campaign of those who visit your site, but there is no guarantee of the click through rate you will receive as every site and campaign differs. But you will definitely have some percentage click through rate with your campaign guaranteed! Okay with enough said let’s get down to what you’ll get below:
Select one of the GEO locations where you want the email visitors to come from below:
United States
You pick the amount of targeted visitors where you can select one targeted category from the available categories below Many of these categories break down further and you will receive the best one from the category you choose:
Children   (8295000 available )
Business Opportunities   (13245000 available )
Books   (4562000 available )
Banking   (1258000 available )
Automobile Car   (3220000 available )
Antiques   (877000 available )
Clothing   (798000 available )
Collectibles   (492000 available )
Computers   (14334000 available )
Crafts   (1214000 available )
Debt Consolidation   (345000 available )
Gaming Computer Console   (9195000 available )
Hardware   (2150000 available )
Home And Garden   (1390000 available )
Home Improvement   (3567000 available )
Insurance   (142000 available )
Internet   (355000 available )
Internet Marketing   (3505000 available )
Jewelry   (270000 available )
Movies   (2451000 available )
Multi Level Marketing   (2535000 available )
Multimedia   (239000 available )
Music   (593000 available )
Nutrition   (231000 available )
Pets / Pet Supplies   (274000 available )
Photography   (257000 available )
Real Estate   (224000 available )
Shopping   (624000 available )
Software   (194000 available )
Television   (292000 available )
Toys   (163000 available )
Travel   (147000 available )
Webmasters   (2340000 available )
Womens Health   (3354000 available )
Mens Health   (1239000 available )
Middle Class   (14525000 available )
Women >18   (3254185 available )
Women – Single   (7384592 available )
Men – Married   (3251855 available )
Women w/ Children   (5412055 available )
Mature Audience   (2319800 available )
Cell Phones – iPhone   (5231000 available )
Smokers   (2515000 available )
Physicians   (350500 available )
Hardware   (1349817 available )
B2B Marketing   (1742050 available )
Age 18-24   (10875000 available )
Age 55+   (12250000 available )
Sports – Fishing   (3518000 available )
Sports – Hunting   (7198000 available )
Coffee & Tea   (24500070 available )
Business Owners   (775849 available )
Women – Beauty   (13849514 available )
Stocks   (1578490 available )
Affiliate Programs   (1423675 available )
You can create to email in plain text or you can cut and paste an HTML code into your account as well as add links to products or some of your other website pages. You can also add images but they must be hosted through you as our program does not host images because they use large bandwidth and we have millions of clients. Your email campaign also has a link for you to add your website address whether you use plain text or HTML. This website address can not be changed so please double check you have it spelled correctly into your account before you start campaign.
There is no word limit and you can create your email as long as you’d like but statistically 70% of extremely long emails are not even read and deleted immediately. I delete all of the ones I receive instantly. Plus most email companies consider these type of emails spam and many times send them directly to your spam folder lowering your click through rate! 
You can add up to three titles in your email campaign text which can be edited.
You can edit your email content even after your campaign has started or add addition content.
You can edit your website address
You can not change your target or GEO target
What is the maximum characters allowed in email?
We do not put a limit on the amount of email characters that can be placed into the body of an email we send.  It is important to note however, that the longer the email, the more likely the email will not be read.  This in turns reduces response to an order.  
We also recommend a title of 30 characters or less.


How do we build your email lists?
We run thousands of ads through our network and various website that offer newsletters.  We also manage thousands of various email newsletters for many different companies.  As part of our list management agreements, we are able to send highly targeted emails to those lists we manage a few times a month.   Every email we obtain on our own, or manage for our clients are all triple opt in through our exclusive opt in processes.  Our lists are always safe and always guaranteed.

Will the referrals be the same or different?

Referrals come from various email providers such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aol, and others.  These sources are usually what is shown as the referral.  At times, since all clicks are funneled though our tracking systems, it is possible that these can be passed on as well.  

So lets review the summary of everything included in this listing below:
You will receive real highly targeted U.S.A. visitors from the category of your choice which even has some sub categories to best suite your site. We will recommend the full category if there are any sub categories. Our targeted email lists our not stored dormant lists but are updated and refreshed each day. When you login to your account you will see the last 25 email address sent as well as the click through rate. You may also check custom dates as well as see your actual email campaign letter.
Keep in mind that if you send an email that is too long or repetitive it will most likely be deleted without any click through and maybe even be sent into a spam folder as this is how most email systems review emails such as these. Make your email relatively short to make the reader want to click to your site to read more.

All of our email clients have signed up to receive offers in our selected categories and we have millions of people in our lists. All our lists are highly targeted unlike other companies selling you services with email lists that are half bogus, have nothing to do with your business or being hacked to view your site! So if you shop elsewhere be sure to ask questions about a companies service and if they’re legit they should be happy to answer your questions. If not stay clear from them!

Please select the quanity of targeted emails you’d like below. Once you make your payment I will contact you and walk you through the process of setting up your account. As I mentioned if I can assist you with setting up your email into the system I will be happy to. After you make a purchase I can also create a custom email for you at an additional cost if you don’t have one.

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