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Premium Alexa Traffic places your site in the top 10% of our entire database from millions of advertisers!



You select the country from where you want your Alexa visitors to come from. Our default location is U.S.A. but you may select a country Worldwide.


You will receive real Alexa Visitors to your site as all visitors sent to you will be using the Alexa toolbar. Alexa updates its system on a daily basis so if used for a period of time (usually 2-3 month span) your site will be moving up in rank with the search engines. Alexa is used for top level domains (Ex: not meaning that you will gain the most out of this traffic by using it on your homepage. Plus Alexa does take longer to complete campaign as you will only receive traffic from individuals using the Alexa toolbar. The amount of traffic usually ranges from 25-30 per day. You may see other sites offering you hundreds or even thousands but if they repeatedly contain the same URL’s your Alexa visit rank will only count as one, which will be a total waste of money! So if you shop elsewhere make sure they are not doing this to you before you purchase.


Unlike other companies that most of the times use a robot generated program I am a partner (Not an affiliate) in a large traffic firm and am able to offer you real Alexa visitors at reasonable prices. As I mentioned to you before if you are receiving constant duplicate URL’s, getting traffic from visitors from those who are not using the Alexa toolbar ( even if they’re real visitors) or traffic from a company using a software program sending you robot traffic, you’re wasting your time and money.


traffic – What is Alexa Traffic?
Alexa traffic is traffic specifically designed to help an individual user increase their traffic ranking with over a period of time. Each visitor deliver through this methods has the alexa toolbar installed on their computer allowing each visitor to count in the Alexa system and helping to raise the ranking for the promoted site. On average promotion can take up to a few weeks before showing any signs of increased rank. This largely depends on the users current Alexa ranking.
traffic – Why is my Alexa traffic slow?
Since Alexa traffic is limited to only those visitors that have the toolbar installed, delivery can be much slower. If you notice that your account is getting less than 25-50 visitors per day, it may have been assigned to a slow feed. It is recommended at that point that you open a support ticket for investigation.




traffic – How much will an Alexa rank increase with visitors?
Alexa ranks depend on many different factors. First it is advised that before starting any Alexa service that you insure your site is already indexed by the program and given a basic rank. Since Alexa ranks are based on 3 month averages, your site may see less increase if it is not at least 3 months old. Alexa averages are also based on pageviews, backlinks and organic traffic from search engines. Sending 10,000 visitors per day to a site without taking any steps to insure other requirements have been made, may not cause any difference in your rank. We can not guarantee, speculate or provide estimates for any rank in conjunction with use of our Alexa traffic. We do guarantee that each visitor to the Alexa site will have the toolbar installed and be from the country of the requested geotarget. We can not guarantee or offer any insight into anything beyond this.


traffic – What is Alexa Traffic?
In simple terms, Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough measure of a website’s popularity, compared with all the others out there on the internet, taking into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit.
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Alexa collects traffic data on a daily basis from millions of users who have installed the Alexa toolbar, and other sources, and then uses a complex mathematical formula on three months’ worth of data to arrive at the ranking for each site.

Our system detects the presence of the Alexa toolbar and delivers those visitors to the advertisers website based on the country they have selected.  Please note that Alexa orders must be free from sound and pops.


Adult / Mature Traffic.
Auto play is not permitted on any adult ads regardless of country target.

Targeted and Alexa Traffic.
Auto play is allowed on Alexa and Pop Under traffic BUT the following will apply.  

US sound ads will deliver very slowly.  There is limited availability for sound ads and a large demand.  On average a site with sound that is US based will get about 50-100 visitors per day max.  This can be as little as 10 visitors per day as well.  

Ads to other countries will run just as they would if they did not contain sound.  Before contacting support regarding how slow an ad is running please verify that is does not have sound. 



For those of you who are already registered and have a traffic account, all orders will be added to your existing account. All current account holders can also add or change website address for future orders without opening another account and can have as many campaigns that they wish running whenever they want. A campaign does not have to run out before another order can start.
For those of you who are new to our traffic program, an account will be created when you submit an order.
Order Targeted Website Packages Through PayPal Below. Once Your Payment is Complete You Will Be Taken Back To This Page. Please Use The Contact Form Below To Send Us Two Things:
1- Your Website Address To Send Traffic To
2- The GEO Location From Where You Want The Traffic To Come From. 
We Will Then Have Your Traffic Campaign Set Up Within 24 Hours.

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