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Hello Everyone!

My name is John Sherack and I am the owner/webmaster of this site. I have been designing and creating affiliate websites since 2000. Affiliate marketing or having your own online business can be both rewarding and frustrating, usually these two at the same time. But if you’re willing to be patient and put in some time you can achieve your goal. When you’re having a bad day, keep in mind that if affiliate marketing or being an online business was so easy everyone would be doing it!

I have designed and dedicated this blog/website for those who are an affiliate marketer, online business owner or for those who are looking to start out. I am working hard to provide information and affordable services to help individuals in this field.

Keep in mind when starting out a few rules/tips that I always use myself. Being honest in this business will get you far when your business eventually takes off. Being dishonest will get you labled and out of business quickly. This type of advertising (word of mouth) can be very beneficial if you stick to being fair and honest. Another word of advice is not to offer products/services that you find to be bad quality or misleading. In basic words if you feel that you would never consider using these products/services because of the above reasons, don’t offer them to someone else! These basic rules are the foundation of your business and a building with a good foundation will last a long time unlike a bad one that will crumble and fall apart in a short amount of time!

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